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FAQ - Handydoo

Help guide

  • How will I pay for a task?

    As a task poster, you will have an e-wallet which you can top up through PayPal.
    Once your task is assigned to a worker, the task price will be deducted from your wallet and kept in scrow until the task is set as completed by you, and only then your money will be sent to the worker.

  • How much does Handydoo cost?

    It’s free. There is no cost to join, or to post a Task. As a poster, the only payment is the amount you pay for your Task, plus a 5% fee.
    For the workers, a 10% fee is also applied to any Task completed on the platform. The Task Alert will tell you the exact amount to be deposited into your bank account.

  • Can I hire a worker again without going through the Handydoo platform?

    No, for privacy and security purposes Handydoo prohibits reaching out directly to the worker. Handydoo features, such as ratings/feedback, ID-verification and criminal records, provide feedback and security to posters and ensure trust and safety for every task.
    If a Task is not done through Handydoo no rating or review can be submitted and you will not be covered by our policy.
    Handydoo helps resolve issues between Posters and Workers. If there is a dispute regarding payment or performance Handydoo will mediate. This would not be available if the task was done outside the platform.  
    Using the Handydoo platform ensures that Tasks are completed before payment is issued, making for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

  • How does Handydoo make money?

    Service fees. In order to keep Handydoo free for all users, without ads, a 10% service fee is charged to the worker and a 5% is charged to the poster upon completion of a Task. This enables Handydoo to continue to build better features, moderate our community, and continue giving excellent customer service to our users.

  • As a worker, how will I get paid for a Task I completed?

    Handydoo pay each task when completed and confirmed by the poster. The money paid for the task is kept in escrow by Handydoo and once the task is completed, will be added to the worker´s wallet. Service fees and processing fees will be deducted before the payment is made.

  • How can I find out which tasks are available in my area?

    A Task Alert for any task within the range of distance you set on your profile of the postal code you provided, that match your selected skills, will be sent to the email adress provided. To be considered for the Task, access your account and place a bid for the task.

  • What are the requirements for becoming a worker?

    To become a Verifies Worker you must complete your profile 100%. This means you must provide your contact information, profile photo, valid Government Issue photo ID, and select your skills & experience. Criminal record is an option to be more trustable.

  • Why do I have to upload my Government ID?

    Uploading a valid Government ID is a safety measure taken by Handydoo to maintain the integrity of our community. In order to ensure the true identity of our users, we ask for a valid Government issued photo identification. The copy of the ID is placed in our secure vault and never given to third parties or shown to other users.

  • What kind of Government ID can I use?

    Acceptable Government ID with a photo includes: driver’s license, EU Passport, DNI or permanent residence card. Please note that Health Cards or any other named cards are not acceptable.

  • What areas does Handydoo cover?

    At the moment, Handydoo is only available in communities across Spain, but will eventually grow across other European countries.
    Our website and app can automatically detect your location and show all the registered workers in your area.

  • How do I create my first task?

    To create a task, you have to be registered first.
    You must log in with you created account and then click on Creta new task. You will need to complete a short form with all the required information about the task, please keep in mind that you must be as clear as possible when describing the task and do not forget any important details, such as extra expenses, or any relevant information.
    After completing all fields, your task will be available to interested candidates who will bid to develop your task.

  • How can I bid for a task of my interest?


  • How do I control which tasks alerts I receive?

    The tasks alerts you receive are determined by your default address and category preferences selected during sign-up. You can change these settings at any time by logging in to your account and changing your preferences or work area.

    Note: Your work area is circular by default. You will need to specify the range on Km.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    If you wish to cancel your account, you may do so at any time through the contact form and selecting ‘Cancellations’ as the contact query category. Then you will receive a confirmation email and your account wil be closed.

    Note: cancellation of your account will remove your profile and all of your ratings and you will no longer have access to tasks alerts.

  • What are task offers?

    Tasks offers are the requests for tradesmen that customers post through our online form. We sort these requests by address and categories and then pass the details along to our relevant workers.

  • Where do I view and buy job leads?

    You can view the tasks and bet on them in a variety of ways:

    • On the main website: By clicking on the "Search task" button on the top of the page. Here you can scroll through the tasks available or check the tasks on the map.for you to purchase. Click the name of the task button to see more details or click on the "Bid" button to directly bid on the task.
    • Via email alerts: If you have email alerts turned on, we email you every time a new task is available for you. Click on the task link to be redirected and bid on the task.
    • With our mobile app: If you have our mobile app installed on your Android or iPhone smartphone, just launch the app and you will automatically land on your ‘Job Alerts’ screen. Scroll through the task as you would on the main website and simply tap a task for more details or to place an offer.

  • What happens after I bid on a task?

    When you bid on a task, an automated notification will be sent to the poster, who will accept, decline or modify the offer you paced when bidding. Your profile and ratings will be sent to the poster in order to help them make a decission.

    A task may be bidden by unlimited workers, so contact the customer as soon as possible to introduce yourself and increase your chances of winning the work. Better offers and more completed and reliable profiles are also better considered, so please keep your profile and documents up to date.

  • How do I view the tasks I have bid on?

    To view all the task you have bid on, log in to your account or launch the mobile app and select "Running task". Here you will see a list of tasks, you can sort between All tasks, Running tasks, Pending tasks, Completed tasks or deleted tasks.

  • How do I contact the poster?

    When you are interested on bidding or just need further details about a task, you may contact the poster directly from the task on the "Comments" button, where you can ask any question to the poster. This comment will be visible to any other user as it is public. If you want to send a private message, you have to bid on the task first, then you can start chatting privately with the poster. You willhave no access to personal details such as customer’s mobile number or email address.

  • How do I contact the worker?

    After the workers have bidden on your task, you may contact them by chatting directly from the offer sent by them. You will have no access to personal details such as customer’s mobile number or email address.

  • Why do I have to place a rating afetr a task is completed?

    Ratings serve as the word-of-mouth online and help you build the worker reputation. Every time you close and complete your task, we will ask you to fill up the rating form. Please try to be as fair as possible to help other users when deciding to choose between workers. The more positive ratings you place, the easier it will be for the worker to win new tasks. In the contrary, if you had a bad experience it is also good to let the rest of the comunity know about it.

  • What if I receive a negative or unfair rating?

    If you receive a rating that is not as good as you expected, we suggest that you leave a reply to the rating or contact the poster directly to address their concerns. Most disputes can be resolved easily and posters can update their rating at any time. If this fails, or the rating is particularly unfair, factually incorrect or slanderous, please contact us to investigate.

    Note: Any response you leave to a rating will be visible to future users on your profile page, so remember to keep your comments professional.

  • What is my profile page?

    A unique profile page for you/your company is available forthe rest of users to check. This page showcases your ratings as well as any qualifications, documents, company information, certifications and photos of your work that you provide.

    Your profile page is available to the posters to hep them decide who is the right candidate to develop each task. We’ve found that workers with a full profile are 3 times more likely to win a task.

  • I’ve always relied on word of mouth before, why should I use Handydoo?

    Our service is better than word of mouth and directories for 6 reasons:

    • No waiting for the phone to ring: we provide a continuous supply of job leads to choose from all year round matching your specified trade, skills and location.
    • Grow your reputation: your ratings and profile serve as your online word of mouth and help you win new tasks and customers.
    • Fill gaps in your diary: during periods when you’re less busy, use Handydoo to win work and widen your customer base.
    • Showcase your work: use your personal profile to share your profile, qualifications, company information and photos of past work with potential customers.
    • Find work on the go: use our mobile app to find tasks and bid on them, when you’re out and about.
    • Security: payment for the task is taken from the customer once they post the task, and kept on scrow until the task is completed and confirmed by both parties, so you will have the security that the work will be fairly paid on time.

  • I’ve always relied on word of mouth before, why should I use Handydoo?

    Our service is better than word of mouth and directories for 6 reasons:

    • No waiting for the phone to ring: we provide a continuous supply of reiable workers to choose from all year round matching your specified criteria, categories and location.
    • Find workers on the go: use our mobile app to find the right candidate for your task, when you’re out and about.
    • Security: payment for the task is taken once you post the task, and kept on scrow until the task is completed and confirmed by both parties, so you will have the security that the work is completed and confirmed before the money is paid to the worker.
    • Disputes: you have the chance to start a dispute between the worker and you in case of dissagreement on a task. If a dispute does not solve the probem or in case of missunderstanding, our administrative team will deal with the problem taking in consideration all comments and conversations between both parties and taking a fair decission.
    • Fair price: as we work with a bidding system, workers will offer a fair price so you can finally choose who is the best candidate, checking also their profiles and ratings.

  • How do I decide the best price for a task?

    We provide you with a guide for standard tasks and their average prices, but most of the tasks have different specifications, requirements or difficulties, so you will need to decide a price and after posting the task you will receive several offers from different workers to choose the right offer for you.

  • Do you close worker´s accounts?

    Handydoo is committed to minimising the risks posed to homeowners and the reputations of honest professionals by rogue workers.

    For this reason, we will close accounts of workers if:

    • They are not willing to resolve fair and reasonable negative feedback or complaints.
    • They receive negative reviews or serious complaints from a poster during their first few months with Handydoo.
    • They behave inappropriately, including being racist or sexist, threatening, bullying, stealing from or abusing the trust of customers.
    • They receive serious complaints relating to their work or personal conduct from outside of the Handydoo site.
    • We receive feedback on them from Trading Standards, Government bodies or the Police.
    • They set up multiple Handydoo accounts for personal gain.
    • They can no longer pass identity validation.

    This list is by no means exhaustive and is there to protect both posters and honest workers. 

  • What happens if I have a dispute with a user on a task?

    First, we encourage both the poster and the worker to remedy the situation between themselves. However, if asked to do so, our Conciliation AuditTeam can act as a mediator. The role of CAT is to investigate and resolve concerns or disputes. Disputes are handled on a case-by-case basis and your account may be temporarily suspended during the investigation.

    Note: if after an investigation, the worker is found to have failed to deliver quality work or had not adhered to our professional code of conduct, they can be permanently suspended from our service.

  • How do you protect workers?

    If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by a customer, contact our Conciliation Audit Team (CAT) and request an investigation by filling out our contact form here. Additionally, all ratings of 3 stars or lower will be investigated by our team to ensure that the rating is fair.